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(Posted a new journal a couple of days ago but it disappeared. That was a bit annoying.)

Some random facts:

  • I envy people that have journal skins.
  • Still don't understand how anyone does line-art in photoshop.
  • "Dirty" has become the working title. Haven't decided on the new one yet.

 So, as some of you may know, I've been working on a project called "Dirty" for a while now (been playing with the concept for over a year) and I've recently begun writing out the story. It has been a bit of a tedious process because of plot changes and fixing inconsistencies and plot holes and simply trying to stay focused. I've been reading a lot of comics as well as learning a lot of things about the comic-making process that I had never even considered before. It really is amazing how much thought is put into putting together all of those stories out there. The interesting part is, once I started learning the different tricks of the trade it put many issues I had with my story in perspective and helped as a guide in constructing my chapters. Crazy thing is when it's not frustrating as hell it's actually kind of fun. I've completely plotted out page by page the first three chapters and plan to plot out 4 through 6 before I begin the dialogue. I'm looking to make something as fluent and cohesive as possible and from previous experiences I've learned that I can't do that without going in with some type of strategy.

 The interesting part about brainstorming is the way the story just connects its own dots as if it has existed somewhere all along. Characters take shape and events begin to make more and more sense. This is the loving part of this love/hate relationship I have with writing. The moment when things connect and I sit back and think, "Holy shit. That actually works!" is worth the frustration. It feels as if I'm discovering a world rather than creating one. Another part I enjoy about getting ideas down on paper is the fact that it becomes a bit more solid in foundation, where I feel more comfortable telling certain parts of the plot because the idea exists in a physical form (even if the person I'm listening to can't see it) rather than just floating around in my head. 

 Like I said before, chapters 1 to 3 are plotted out. As of now, Chapter 1 is 22 pages, Chapter 2 will be 24 pages, and Chapter 3 will be 22 pages.

 "Dirty" takes place on an alternate war-wounded Earth decades after a mysterious chemical attack decimated nearly half of America. In this world there is a county called Thrasher that rests in a territory known as The Province or America II  that is populated by Humans and *Argunan alike. Thrasher County acts as the border between The Province and The Great Waste. The story begins with our protagonist, Waste Scouter and former Manhunter, Diana Thorne's already unstable world being thrown completely out of balance by a violent murder, a visit from a mysterious creature, and a cargo-jacking committed by an unusual group of Argunan pirates from The Waste that set up camp near Thrasher and threaten to raise tensions between Human and Argunan groups. After these events, strange things begin to happen in Thrasher and Diana ends up deep in the middle of it all. And to add to her troubles, she is also being followed by two backpack journalists looking to shed light on the poorest counties of The Province that are glossed over in the various news medias of America I.

*The Argunan are a species similar to the humans with origins shrouded in mystery. Although they have a similar physiology to humans, Argunan generally grow larger, have horns (one or two), dark hair and eyes (usually black), and brown-grayish skin tones. Traditional Argunan believe that the species at one point had mystic powers that were taken away as punishment for consorting with humans, and will one day have them again.

 I've also been thinking that I may want to do a 5 page comic introducing Diana's character. It'd be some nice practice before beginning the actual comic. Maybe give some insight into her childhood, the events directly leading up to the beginning of the comic, or just a day in her life type of thing. Nothing too expositional.


 Despite getting the ball rolling on the writing, I've been in a rut on the drawing side due to a lack of focus and creativity. I have A LOT of unfinished stuff on my computer that I just started to hate halfway through the drawing process. Something about my drawings in general has been bothering for a while and I can't shake it. Also, coloring is starting to frustrate me. Not sure what it is. Just not feeling it. I'm thinking of taking a mini break from digital art (or doing it a lot less) and trying more traditional stuff. Maybe it'll be like a fresh start. I might post some of it. I might not. I'll probably still post things on my Tumblr from time to time, because that's where I post all of my happy fails. :)


I've been reading a variety of comics lately on Comixology (too lazy to go to a comic book store) and I've been learning a few useful tricks as well as building my understanding of comics in general. I've realized it's a lot more to it than just making pretty panels. A few good ones I'll be keeping up with are Revival (interesting take on the Zombie genre), Pretty Deadly (amazing art and story), Scalped (gripping mystery set on an Indian Reservation), and Saga (cool. cool. cool). Sorry, but I don't feel like going in to any real details on any of the stories because I'm just lazy like that. And I'm sure you guys know how Google works.


Despite what I said about drawing less digital stuff, I am planning on rebooting my commissions and I'm hoping to make things a bit more flexible. With my ever-changing drawing and coloring process, it has always been difficult to push out the same style which in turn made it difficult for me to categorize and price them. When I'm ready I'll probably be throwing out some example pieces or even just make an entire example post for it. Whatever I do you all will see it soon.

Well... That's it.

- FM


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I'm a northerner from Chicago and I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.

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